About Me

Welcome to ThatTallChic!

A Florida based blogger/influencer who’s blog consists of everything lifestyle, fashion & beauty. ThatTallChic was created out of passion for sharing affordable/luxe on budget clothing pieces, (especially for my tall girlies) inspiring women to feel confident and tips and tricks to get through life, because lets face it, life get’s hard.

Things I Love

  • Road Trips
  • Seafood
  • Harry Potter (Ravenclaw House is the best house)
  • Yoga/Meditating
  • Thunderstorms
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Fall (literally anything fall..the drinks, clothes, decor etc.)

Things I Dislike

  • Plane Rides
  • Snow or being cold in general
  • Malls (Online shopping for the WIN!)
  • Pasta

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