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Birthday Outfit Ideas

This past Sunday was my birthday and your girl is officially halfway to 30! I honestly can’t believe it. I remember when I was younger, I thought to myself “it’s going to take forever to reach 18″…and here we are, at the age of 25. Any advice taken from this post, please enjoy your early 20’ fly’s by!


Now, onto what you guys actually came here for; my birthday outfits! I’m all about affordable shopping. If I can buy the same $50 dress for $15, I’m taking the $15 route, sue me. The only place that I trust to buy fashionable pieces at a VERY low price is SHEIN. If you haven’t heard about this website, have you been living under a rock?

The Saturday before my birthday, I went out with my close friends to brunch/lunch day on the waters of Ft. Lauderdale Beach. (Its called Shooters Waterfront if you ever want to go, 10/10 recommend. Especially for their unlimited mimosaaaaas!) I wanted something simple, but still popped out to say hello! I went with this olive green, off the shoulders dress (that complimented my skin tone lovely) and paired it with my teddy brown coat that i’ve been stalking all fall long! Now it’s a part of my mini coat collection that i’ve been trying to build for about 2 years now.


I wanted to look boujie without paying the price to actually look it. In my mind I was thinking “I’m halfway to 30, Twenty-Fine and should celebrate as such” so I went for a fur look….and I mean from head to toe lol. My dress was an all black mid-body con dress that stopped mid thigh, with fur lining around the top. This dress was only $8..yes, you heard right EIGHT-DOLLARS! I paired it with my faux fur coat that I bought at H&M last year (which gave me rich aunty vibes) and my shoes were black heels with faux fur across the front strap of the shoe.

I had such an amazing 25th birthday with all of my close friends and family this past weekend. Enjoy your 20’s, live life to the fullest and regret nothing! It builds character and the future you. I hope I was able to help spew out ideas for any occasion, especially since Valentine’s day is around the corner *cough cough* 😉 Thank you all for reading, see ya in my next post!


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