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20 Resolutions in 2020!

Hey Chic’s!

So I know every year, almost EVERYONE comes into the New Year with a New Year’s resolution or two. It’s just a thing you do, y’know? New year, New start vibes. There’s so many things I thought about that I want to change, physically, spiritually and mentally about myself and in my life, that I thought “why not share it with my blog?”. For one i’ll always be able to look back on this if I ever forget, for two, it’ll hold me accountable and for three I may be able to give you guys some ideas for your New Years resolutions. When 2021 rolls around I will reflect on if I made any of these 20 resolutions happen!

Alriggghhttttt…Let’s GO!

  1. Wake up early. And I mean early, Bree…not 10am.
  2. Make up my bed every morning. #ADULTING
  3. Join a yoga studio/a go at least 3-4x a week.
  4. Buy a planner….and actually use it. (Yep, I buy a planner every year and hardly use it)
  5. Meditate at least 10-15mins a day. 30 on a good day.
  6. Blog at least once a week, maybe two if I have any time.
  7. Get straight A’s in my last semester of college.
  8. Get out of my comfort zone/do things that make me uncomfortable.
  9. Love myself more. self-care once a week. #Treatyoself
  10. Spend more time/call my family members more often
  12. Actually sleep a full 8 hrs.
  13. Read more books. (If you have any book recommendations, pls leave below in the comments!)
  14. Travel more.
  15. Journal every morning.
  16. Save $$$.
  17. Get my dream job.
  18. Eat healthier….Fast foods I legit rebuke into 2019. #ByeFelicia
  19. Create different stream of income, not just one.
  20. G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E

These are my 20 New Year’s resolutions that I want to accomplish and continue to do even after 2020. It takes 30 days to start a habit. Just take each day as baby steps, because these baby steps will eventually turn into toddler steps, then adult steps 🙂 We all start somewhere and it begins now! HAPPY NEW YEARS CHIC-KY’S! What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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  • Raquel Sara

    I personally feeel the drink more water goal! Every day I wake up saying I’m going to drink more water, but saying it and doing it are two different things! Thanks for a great post!

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